Anonimo PV

Welcome to Anonimo

Anonimo Video Bar is a place for everyone!

Multiple floors, balconies, patios, and bars.

We have the best bartenders in PV!

Come on in and see for yourself!

Check out all 3 levels!

L3:     The Sexy Disco Floor.

TER:   Anonimo Patio.

L1:     Anonimo Video bar.

Anonimo PV VB vert

Anonimo Video Bar

Come on in and play your favorite videos... our customers control the music here, so whatever you like you can play!

Our cozy neighborhood atmosphere makes everyone feel welcome... it has been said that if you don't make a new friend here, you're an asshole.

We have a full bar and great beer selections; there truly is something for everyone at Anonimo!

Anonimo PV Patio

L2 Anonimo Patio

Our beautiful terrace is a great spot for you and fifty of your closest friends. Our second level has indoor and outdoor seating, and is open in season October thru May. With a Full bar and hot bartender, you're sure to have fun under the stars.

Anonimo PV VB vert

Level Three

This has been called the secret bar at Anonimo. Level Three is very cozy and plush with a balcony view to the sea. Serving up a great selection of fine tequila, mescal, raicia. With a nice selection of wine and full bar, once you make it up here you will not soon leave.

Meet the Anonimo Crew

a little bit about our bartenders

Pedro at Anonimo PV


Pedro joined our team as a Junior in high school. He graduated high school May 2019 and will continue his education at University this fall. He likes to work out if you did not notice.

David at Anonimo PV


David has been at Anonimo for 9 years! Not only is he the best bartender in PV, he has a full time day job and also studying at the University. David is a busy guy but brings it everyday at Anonimo. This bar would not be the same without him!



Oscar is the newest addition to Anonimo. He is training and will bring new swagger to our team. Oscar is all about the gym and entertaining his customers. I am certain you will want to follow him on instagram, along with 8000 others.

Amberleigh at Anonimo PV


Amberleigh joined the team as the first female to ever bartend here. She brings with her a ton of personality and a passion to please. Join her on the third floor and get ready for the party of your life.

Victor at Anonimo PV


Victor is a staple at Anonimo! Still here after 6 years and serving it up like no other. Typically Victor is the one who brings you happy hour and heads home around 10. He is a Kansas City Royals fan so please send all Royals swag to Victor.




Isaac at Anonimo PV


Isaac is the brains of the team. He has finished high school, and is working on getting his university degree in physics. He can kill a rubik's cube in 45 seconds.



Freddy comes to take the helm on the newly designed Patio Lounge on Level 2. Enthusiastic and the most friendly guy you will ever meet. Bringing years of experience behind him he is ready to serve it up. Freddy is not shy and will make sure you have a great time and feel at home.

Wet T at Anonimo PV


Watch us grow as more and more people realize Anonimo is The Place To Be! Check back in the future to meet the latest addition to the team.... and come on, you know we needed to have a sexy wet t-shirt here somewhere!


Coming Soon!

Proceeds to benefit

The Anonimo Scholarship Fund


Events & Specials

Level One Video Bar
Happy Hour
4-7 pm.

Main floor only (level 1)
25 Pesos Most Beers
40 Peso House Drinks
40 Peso House Wines
Daily Drink Special 50 Pesos!

Level Three Late-Night
Happy Hour
7-10 pm.

Third floor only (level 3)
25 Pesos Most Beers
40 Peso House Drinks
Daily Drink Special 50 Pesos!


Photos & Videos
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