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Contact Us

157 Rodolfo Gomez
Puerto Vallarta,
Jalisco 48380




    Within Zona Romantica

    We are an easy walk from just about anyplace in old town... just steps from Olas Altas, and only 3 short blocks from Basilio Badillo.

    Everywhere Else

    Save your energy for the party! We recommend a cab or Uber from elsewhere in town. Expect to pay between 50 pesos from Centro or Amapas to 150 from the hotel zone. If your driver seems unsure of where we are, just tell 'em Olas Altas! They all know where that is! As always, be certain to have the correct change for a cab, and confirm the amount before getting in!

    Getting Home

    Like any city, we recommend a cab or uber for late night travels, especially after a night of drinking! There are always lots of taxis in the Olas Altas area, and any of our team are always happy to help you get a taxi! Just ask!

    100% of all funds collected by the Anonimo Scholarship Fund are donated to our staff to pay for education.

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